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BOW! Ticketing Systems has "Full Thermal Service"

Thermal Ticket printing offers several advantages ...

  • Speed - six tickets in 11 seconds!
  • Automatically eject, cut and stack ticket orders
  • Zero waste.
  • Professional Presentation - customized tickets.
  • Quiet printing - almost silent.
  • High resolution print legibility.
  • The Look and Feel patrons expect from large service bureaus
  • Durable card stock.
  • No ink Cartridges or printer ribbons.
  • Typical Print Head Maintenance - 500,000 tickets.
  • Serial numbered stock facilitates audit paper trail.
  • Printer holds 1,000 blanks - less reloading.
  • Secure, lockable stock storage containment available.
  • Uses Serial Interface - frees up parallel office printers.
  • Back-printing space for sponsor advertising

Just how fast is Thermal? Watch the PA ITX2000 print a BOW! order - printed, trimmed and stacked - 6 tickets in 11 seconds.

We offer a full line of Thermal Ticket Printing options -
ticket stock and printers.

Contact TSD Consulting for pricing information

TSD Consulting

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