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The Box Office Professional systems, BX6, BOW! 7 and BOW! 8 are deigned to be robust yet easy to understand. It is very important to us at Canadian Theatre Software and BOW! Ticketing Systems that our clients feel comfortable with their software and its many features.

For BOW! 7 Clients

If the Version Release notation on the bottom right of your BOW! Main Menu is less than "Ver. 7.57", then you do not have the latest release of BOW! 7. Your BOW! System must be updated before we can toubleshoot your problem.

Software updates are available at no cost to licensed clients.

Go to the "Updates" link for details.

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Enter your comments in the space provided below. If you are reporting a problem you need to be as specific as possible. Exactly what were you doing when the problem occurred? What did you expect to see? What did you see? Were there any on-screen messages - if so what did they say (in detail)? What did you do to correct the problem?

The more precise your description the more likely it is that we can give you a quick answer.

NOTE THAT THERE IS A FOLLOW-UP PAGE WHICH WILL BE PRESENTED AFTER YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM. PLEASE BE PATIENT. There are several steps that have to take place - at times the delay can be up to one minute.