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BOW! Questionnaire

When you are ready to place your BOW order please complete this form - then send it to us it by clicking on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom.

Here is a link to a .pdf version of this questionnaire that you can print out for your reference as you collect the required information. BOWQuestionnaire.pdf

Company Name:  
Web Site URL (if applicable):  
Primary Contact Name:  
Email Address:  
Secondary Contact Name:  
Email Address:  
Fax Number:  
Street Address 
(for courier delivery):  
City:      State/Prov:  
Country:      Zip/PCode:  

Computer Details (Your BOW! Server);

CPU Chip:  
Memory (RAM):  
Hard Drive Size:  
Networked (Y/N):  
Windows Version:  
Printer Type:  
Printer Make & Model:  
Number of Venues:  


Venue Name:  
General Admission?  
Proscenium, Thrust, In The Round?  
Orchestra Pit (describe)?  
Entrances - Where & How Many?  
Exits - Where and How Many?  
Aisles - Steps or Grade?  
Balcony Overhang Row?  
Aisle Carpet Color:  
Main Curtain Color:  
How Many ADA Seats and where?  
Bad Seats - How Many and where?  
How Many Sections Are There?     (Names Below)

#1:        #2:
#3:        #4:
#5:        #6:
#7:        #8:


End of Venue form - all information below applies to your total system

Certain information is placed on the centre portion of each ticket printed. Line 1 is at the top while lines 2 & 3 come after the Event title, start time and Row and Seat Number.

In most cases line 1 will be the company name while lines 2 & 3 contain the street address and box office telephone number.

Provide the information to be placed on the centre portion of ALL tickets printed by your system for this venue. (Maximum of 35 characters & spaces per line);




If there are any photographs, post cards or artists renderings
please email them to us at tlonsdale2@gmail.com

When you are satisfied that you have answered all questions Submit this form - then go on to the "Additional Venues" form and complete as many as required.

Click here to add another VENUE