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BOW-net! Internet Option Questionnaire

When you are ready to place your Internet Option order please complete this form and send it to us by clicking on the "SUBMIT" button at the end. If you are unsure about some of the features mentioned take a look at our BOW-Net! demonstration website at ....


Here is a link to a .pdf version of this questionnaire that you can print out for your reference as you collect the required information.  NetQuestionnaire.pdf

Company Details;

Company Name:
Web Site URL (if applicable):
Primary Contact Name:
Email Address:
Secondary Contact Name:
Email Address:
Fax Number:
Street Address 
(for courier delivery):
City:       State/Prov:
Country:     Zip/PCode:

Computer Details (Your BOW! Server);

CPU Chip:
Memory (RAM):
Hard Drive Size:
Networked (Y/N):
Windows Version:
Printer Type:
Printer Make & Model:
Number of Venues:

BOW-net! Website Details;

Provide up to six lines describing your company's information to be presented on your
BOW-net! website.

e.g. :

Our Excellent Theatre Company
123 Main Street. East
Anytown, OurState
Corner of State and Main
Telephone 555 555-1212

"Theatre at its best, for the best."

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

If you have one, provide your Company's Website Address:


(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

Provide a general email address for your Venue or Company.

e.g. :  "theatre@ourtheatre.com"

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

BOW-net! sends you an advance Email copy of each patron's order. Please provide a valid email address:

e.g. :  "netorders@ourtheatre.com"

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

Provide your Venue's return email address to be placed on ticket order confirmation emails sent to your patrons. It is advisable to have a different email address here than for the advance emails above. As your site gets busy you will save time by separating these messages as they arrive.

e.g. :  "boxoffice@ourtheatre.com"

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

You can assign your own "Venue Convenience Fees" to offset or surpass the Distributorís fees to provide additional revenue. Specify the TOTAL fees you wish to charge the patron

Charge the patron a PER ORDER Convenience fee of $ per order.
Charge the patron a PER TICKET convenience fee of $ per ticket.

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

Provide the name of the designated BOW! Server computer (the computer where Events will be defined and stored). If you are using BOW! Workstations, this Server computer is the only computer allowed to access BOW-net! functions. You can find this name located under "Full Computer Name" through these paths:

Windows XP - [Start] | [Settings] | [Control Panel] | [System] | [Computer Name] - "Full Computer Name"

Windows 7 and Windows Vista - [Start] | [Control Panel] | [System] - "Full Computer Name"

For a picture of the Windows 10location  Click here

BOW! Server Computer Name

Your administrative access to BOW-net! requires an "Authority ID" and a "Password".

Choose your "Authority ID" name - up to 8 characters (case sensitive);
Choose your "Password" - up to 8 characters (case sensitive);

(This information is adjustable from within BOW-net!)

BOW-net! Website Design Extras (optional);

Your new BOW-net! Website will benefit greatly if you provide us with some picture and graphics. These are optional, but will enhance the look and feel of your website.

  1. A company logo for the opening "Splash Screen".
  2. An Exterior Picture representative of your theatre or venue.
  3. Interior Pictures of your house from all sections, toward the performance area

BOW-net! can show a "Patron's Eye View" of the performance area from each section of your house. It is best if there is something on stage - a set or a piano for example, and the house lights are on so other seats show in the foreground. Use a digital camera and take a picture of the stage from the approximate centre of each section in the house. These pictures should be fairly wide so that they show what the patron would see sitting in that spot.

Copy these pictures into your computer - assign them descriptive section names and send them to us in JPEG format (a JPG extension) to us. We will do the rest.

Send all image files attached to an email to: tlonsdale2@gmail.com

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about how the programmers could better represent your company on your BOW-net! Website please enter them here;

Please take a few moments to review this questionnaire.
When you are satisfied that you have answered
all questions accurately Submit this form.