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If you experience difficulty with the download or installation of this
demo package contact us. If we are unable to solve your problem
we will be pleased to send you a demo package by mail or courier.

  • You are about to download the Box Office for Windows Demo Package "BOW_System_8D.MSI".
    It's a large download so be prepared to wait for it to be transferred to your computer.

  • Save the file to a temporary folder or to your desktop. Once the download is complete begin the installation process by double clicking on the filename BOW8_Demo.ZIP.  UNZIP the contents onto the desktop.

  • Now double click on the file  (BOW_SYSTEM_8D.MSI).

  • Be sure to read and understand both the opening Copyright Notice and the closing "README.RTF" file when they are presented during the installation.

  • To start the BOW! demonstration double click on the new "BOW! Main Menu" shortcut which will be placed on your desktop. You will also find a listing in your Start Menu at [START] | [Program Files] | [BOW! System 8.0] | BOW! Main Menu.

  • The operator access codes are available in the "README.RTF" file if you misplace them, and available through the desktop shortcut "Passcodes and Such".

  • The BOW! software package includes its own context sensitive on-line help system.

Remember that BOW! is a Windows 32-bit application.
You need Windows XP or greater to run it.

This demo uses the Windows-defined date, time and currency conventions of your country.

Note that this demo package is the US version of the software and so will be looking for a zip code and North American style telephone number entry. This will also affect some credit card number requirements. Systems sold to clients in other areas are modified to conform to regional differences.

You'll need these passwords and codes to run the Demo Package!
They're not listed in the BOW! System Help File. Please write them down.

Demonstration Codes
Event Title Codes: ADE or ASD or S01
Account Passwords: AQK or WZT or XSL

Tell us about yourself and your venue!

Your E-Mail Address: 
Your Name: 
Theater or Venue Name: 
Number of Seats: 
City, State/Prov: 
Your (A/C) & Tel.#: 

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