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BOW! Automatic Update Feature (AutoUp)

With AutoUp your computer system communicates with this web site through a secure and encrypted means to download and install the latest software release. In order to make use of this feature your BOW! SERVER computer must have internet access hopefully high speed although dailup will work also. If it is not possible for your server to access the Internet you should still update your system periodically. Contact us for further details.

Download these instructions in .pdf form.

The Autoup process

Ensure you have access to all computers that will be running BOW! on your network.

In order for AutoUp to be able to update all computers in a multiple computer set-up the "C" drive on EACH WORKSTATION computer must be shared and the BOW! System must be installed on that drive. If it is not possible to share the drive, or if BOW! is installed in a non-standard way, this function will not work for you.

Ensure that your BOW! Server has Internet Access. If you are using a dialup service establish a connection now. If you are running BOW! on a single computer consider that to be your BOW! Server.

  1. Run BOW! on the SERVER - select an Event and Occasion.
  2. Now run BOW! on each of the Work Station computers so that each joins the current session.
  3. On the SERVER Click on the Windows [START] button lower Left in your task bar.
  4. Click on "All Programs" then on "BOW! System 8.0" (or "Box Office" for BOW! 7.57).
  5. Locate the program file "BOW! Reports" and click on it to run it.
  6. When the BOW! Reports Window opens, click on "Help" (the one at the Left of the top menu bar) and then on "Automatic Updates" (or press Ctrl+A).


  7. Now follow the on-screen instructions taking care to read all information presented then click the [Connect] button.


Once the update is complete, exit BOW! Reports Then run BOW! on the SERVER. Then start up each Work Station computer and you are back in business with all machines completely up-to-date.